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ASTRO File Manager is the #1 app for managing and cleaning your files on
cloud & local storages—since 2009.



Get quick access to all important folders on your device and storage locations - SD Card, internal memory, cloud services like Dropbox, Google Drive, Box, Microsoft OneDrive, or local networks - PC, Mac, and Linux.


  • Find files across all storage locations - one app to access all your files!
  • Move files between cloud storages with a single click.
  • Browse files easily by category, favorites, downloads, and recents.

Manage Files

Easily manage your files - search, download, copy, save, move, delete and share files on SD card, LAN (Local Area Network), SMB (Samba) network or Cloud storage accounts.


  • Mark files and folders as hidden to secure sensitive information.
  • Compress and extract files in Zip (WinZip) and RAR (WinRAR) formats.
  • Download and open files from the web.


Free Up Space

Keep your device clean by freeing up storage space


  • Manage your storage space and delete files easily with cleaning recommendations
  • Manage all your apps in one place, backup apps and uninstall easily with App Manager.


What users are saying

  • Good integration options

    "Good integration options, easy-to-view internal storage and operate on it."

  • Plenty of features

    "Effective file management app with plenty of features - and it's free!"

  • Most useful app

    "Most useful app for managing files on your smartphone."

  • I can recommend it highly

    "I've been using this app for years now on various different phones and I find it very useful. I've tried others, but always end up back with Astro. I can recommend it highly."

  • Very useful

    "Very useful, can't do things without it."

  • Absolutely no complaints

    "Best app to explore your file system, copy files from your phone to your PC, Google drive, Dropbox, or other network drives. Built-in task manager and a few other tools. One of only a few apps that I have absolutely no complaints."

  • It just works

    "Simple UI, easy to use and understand, it just... Works!"

  • Efficient and practical

    "This was one of my first android apps and although I tried other filing apps l did not find any that were as efficient and practical. It remains a very solid tool. 5 stars!"

  • Helps me organize

    "Makes my life easy. Helps me organize."

  • UI makes it easy to navigate

    "That it has integration with various cloud storage services is extremely useful & important to me. Also, the UI makes it easy for me to navigate."

  • Easy to transfer files

    "It works very well. This is one of the first apps that I download on every new device. Easy to transfer files from any Android device to any other storage space, SD card, cloud services."

  • Works terrific with local network shares

    "Fantastic app. Works terrific with my local network shares as well and I love the Google Drive implementation and minimal use of ads."

  • Keeps my device cleaned up

    "Allows me to keep my device cleaned up from excess files."

  • Most friendly management app

    "Absolutely the most user friendly file and resource management app. The inclusion of access to multiple cloud storage services virtually eliminates the need to install all the individual apps usually required to access all of your files. With Astro, access to Gdrive, Box, Dropbox and OneDrive is almost seamless. The ability to move files between different clouds inside one application turns Astro into a powerful "super cloud". The ability to manage your installed apps, while also providing app backup services means that you won't have to fear updates that may "break" your favorite apps, because you will be able to revert to the last functional version. Superb features, beautifully executed."

  • My only file manager

    "Have relied on astro for years and it still is my only file manager. Easy to use, never any issues."

  • Always satisfied my needs

    "I've been using Astro as my main file browser for years now and it has always satisfied my needs!"

  • Astro has kept it simple

    "No hassle file explorer. Other file explorers have really started to annoy with the advertisements and unwanted extra features they want to dump on users. Astro has kept it simple just as needed. Loving it..."

  • Keeps my device cleaned up from excess files

    "Allows me to keep my device cleaned up from excess files."

  • Been using this for a few years

    "Excellent file manager for the Galaxy S8. Haven't ran into any issues so far. Been using this for a few years with other phones as well. Thank you developers for your work."

  • Indispensable

    "Indispensable - this functionality should be built into Android. I guess Google doesn't want us "messing around." Some phone manufacturers (LG for one) do include a simple file manager, but nowhere near as robust. "